"Plant based, nourishing, sustainable and delicious food. That is what it comes down to when I cook"

Thess is a Swedish freelance food creator, cookbook author, entrepreneur and food stylist. She’s a foodie with a big interest for style and visual presentation who wants to inspire others through nourishing, fun, delicious and rethinking recipes - and further more tempting pictures and interesting texts. The thrive is to let food bring a feeling of satisfaction and happiness to others while cooking and eating the Plant-based by Thess recipes shared here and else where; in cookbooks, article, magazines and Instagram. 

Thess write recipes and articles for magazines, daily press and companies. She has also published two cookbooks; the first one ”The new green salad” (Bonnier Fakta) was first published in Sweden in May 2017. During the first year it came out i German, Dutch, French and Norwegian. The second book, “The new green protein” (Bonnier Fakta) was released in Sweden in Augusti 2018. She also teach workshops and lectures on her plant based food philosophy.

In the work as a food stylist she style both commercial (still + movie) and editorial material. Clients include big Swedish companies and advertising agencies in the food industry.