Recipe creation, cooking & food writing

Nourishing, plant based and delicious food. That is what it comes down to when I cook.

I create plant based recipes for food magazines, newspapers, cookbooks and companies. My recipes are nourishing, exciting and filled with flavour, colors and textures. I’ve written two cookbooks, the first called ”The new green salad” which was released in Sweden in the beginning of May 2017. The new green salad has been translated in to German, Dutch, French and Norwegian. My second book, "The new green protein", was released in Sweden in August 2018.

In addition to my recipe creation I'm also cooking, further more I'm available for cooking at both private and company events. 

I also write articles and recipes for newspapers and magazines with a focus on food, nutrition and health.

Contact me for inquiries regarding all sorts of recipe creation, cooking and food writing.  


I work with companies as a consultant to create and develop projects with a plant based focus. From single events to longer projects which might include everything from lectures and workshops to customised learning materials and content.

Food styling

In my work as a food stylist I style both commercial (still + movie) and editorial material. Clients include big Swedish companies and advertising agencies in the food industry.

Thess food talk and workshops 

During my food talks I share my thoughts and tricks on a healthy lifestyle, with focus on nourishing and delicious food. My wish is to inspire many people to discover what plant based food is all about, and all the wonderful things that comes with it. 

Depending on the actual event my food talk will look a bit different, but the main idea is to inspire the audience and to make plant based food more accessible. Among other things I share my ideas on mindful eating, on how to cook and enjoy more plant based food at home, how to best food prep - and foremost on how to experience all the wonderful things that comes along when you create magic with plant based food linked to my cookbook The new green salad.

I'm also available for cooking classes, food workshops and other events. For any inquiries please contact me by sending an email.