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White bean dip with mushrooms and herb pesto

White bean dip with mushrooms and herb pesto

Sometimes simplicity is what makes a dish (big or small) really good. Like with this recipe. A simple white bean dip, topped with some pan fried mushrooms, a delicious yet simple pesto and a handful of mâche lettuce for some extra freshness. Together with some seed crackers or crisp bread from my cookbook The new green salad this is really YUMMY! 

I would serve this as a starter, as a side to any dinner or as a great part of a weekend brunch with family and friends! Or, as I will do later today, as a light evening snack. You can also make a big batch and store some of it in the fridge, then you have the perfect spread to your breakfast crisp bread or filling for a hearty wrap sorted out for the next couple of days. 

Photo by dear Fanny Hansson


White bean dip with mushrooms and herb pesto

Serves 2 two as a starter/snack, or 4 as a side



230 g cooked giant white beans (about 4 dl cooked)

2 tbsp tahini 

1/2 dl water 

1/2 cold pressed olive oil

a small handful of fresh tarragon 

250 grams mushrooms of your choice (preferably chanterelles when they're in season!)

70 grams mâche lettuce

flakey salt and freshly ground black pepper 


Herb pesto

1 1/2 dl cold pressed olive oil

1 small garlic clove, minced

2 dl mixed fresh herbs

1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

flakey salt and freshly ground black pepper 


To serve

seed crackers or oat crisp bread (recipe in my book The new green salad

cabbage (really nice to cut in pieces, similar to the size of a cracker) or endive


How to

Soak and cook the white beans according to instructions on the packaning (PLAN & PREP. Make a big batch if you're in the making and keep some of it in the fridge for salads, dips or soups fillings during the next few days. Or even put them in the freezer, in small bags, for other occasions through out the next weeks). If using pre cooked beans rinse them well. Mix tahini and water in a food processor until smooth and fluffy. And the white beans and mix until smooth. Add the oil, lemon juice and tarragon. Mix until completely smooth. Salt and pepper to taste.   

Brush and cut the mushrooms in quarters. Drizzle some oil in a frying pan and fry the mushrooms on medium heat until soft and lightly golden. 

Mix all the ingredients for the herb pesto in a food processor or immersion blender. Add more oil for a runnier texture. Salt and pepper to taste. 

Put the white bean dip in a bowl, top with mushrooms, drizzle some herb pesto and top with a handful of mâche. Serve with some seed crackers, cabbage or endive! 

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