The new green salad

(Bonnier Fakta)

"I’ve been writing, cooking and styling from my heart to share with you my thoughts and tricks on healthy, nourishing, beautiful and utterly delicious food. I’ve collected my best plant based salad recipes to inspire you to cook food that's really a hug to your body, mind and soul. The pages in this book are filled with all kinds of beautiful warm and cold salads as you’ve never seen a salad before. Plantbased, indulgent ones with nourishing and delicious veggies in different colors, flavors and textures. In addition to the salads you’ll find a bunch green goodness sides, and my best dressings and pestos. Everything you'll need really".



Here and here you can order the book online, in Swedish, if you want! You also find it online at the beautiful shop Bach at the Atelier.

You can also find the book at Akademibokhandeln, at selected ICA Maxi and at the kitchen store Kök etcetera in Gothenburg.


The new green protein

(Bonnier Fakta)

“Between this cover you find everything you’d want to know about plant based protein and what it’s all about. But also about good carbs and healthy fats. About minerals and vitamins. Where you find them, why your body really wants and needs them and how to make them more available. Behind this cover you’ll also find tricks on how to boost your meals and how to nourish your body with delicious plant based food!!

Yet another book filled with recipes on my plant based food philosophy. This time you find food for every meal of the day; quick smoothies and warming porridges for both weekday and weekend breakfasts, light but also hearty lunches and dinners, snacks on the go and smart desserts! Food that are really a hug to your body, mind and soul.

My hope is that this book will be a handbook for you who want to explore the plant based world even more - or for the first time, feeling comfortable knowing you can get all the nutrients and satisfaction your body needs from a plant based diet - no matter if you eat plant based food every day or some days”

With love,