Plant based, delicious and nutritious

Nourishing and tasteful food that is available but rethinking, delicious but unpretentious and exciting but simple. That's my take on plant based food. Plant based food is just what it sounds like - food based on plants. For me it's not only what I cook, eat and breath but simply just a nice way to talk about food and diets in a time when lots of people have a lot of things to say about food and how one should eat. How others eat.

Plant based means different things to different people, and I would say nothing is right nor wrong. For some it might mean a diet simply made out of plant based ingredients, for others it might mean eating lots of veggies with animal protein more as a flavour than the main ingredients. Anyhow, what we do know is that for our health, the planet, the animals - and not to forget our creativity and tastebuds - plant based is a good thing! And, there is a whole world to explore! 

With little tricks, a bit of knowledge and bit of creativity you can cook amazing plant based, nourishing food very easily. Discover how different components can complement each other when it comes to flavours, textures and colors. Depending on how you prepare and cook your plant based produce they will taste different and get different textures. One single vegetable, say for example sweet potato, can turn out to be least 10 completely different dishes. Baked whole, baked cut in to chunks, lentil and sweet potato stew, sweet potato hummus, sweet potato soup, sweet potato patties, sweet potato chips, sweet potato fries - well, I think you get my point! And, to me that's kind of magic! 

Also, few dishes contain so many nutrition and taste as much a well balanced plant based meal can do. A plate filled with good carbohydrates (as in unprocessed), healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other stuff that our body really likes is what you will get almost automatically if you choose good components.

Here on the blog, and elsewhere I hang out, I will keep sharing my passion, ideas, thoughts and tricks on plant based food, health and everything around it. I hope it will bring inspiration to whoever that wants to come along on this delicious life journey! 

Lots of love,