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Plant-based guide to haircare & skincare

Plant-based guide to haircare & skincare

Portrait by Agnes Maltesdotter

I have to admit, I really love natural beauty products. And I have my whole bathroom cabinet filled of them! Natural plant-based beauty products made of only a few (or in some cases only one) ingredients which I can really pronounce, which gives my skin a soft feel and which are made by brands with an ethical, sustainable and passionated viewpoint. Oils, serums, sprays, masks and cleansing gels are what I use most (and of course sun block during summer!). Some days though I don’t use anything at all. Both because I believe in letting my skin “rest” (call it a “beauty product detox”) and letting it sort itself out from time to time (pretty sure it can handle it, and likes it too). And because sometimes I don’t feel like spending as much as a minute on putting oils and serums in my face, and that’s okay!

Throughout the recent years I’ve come to discover and test quite a few different brands and products, however to be honest I’ve never had to work too much on my skin since it’s (almost) always been quite happy and clear. So, with that starting point most natural products that I’ve tried have worked out fine. However, I do have a few favourites - and below you find them!

I wanted to write this blog post as I myself have spent sooo many hours on goole trying to find the best plant based products, testing them, googling a bit more, reading articles etc etc. I’m definitely not an expert on haircare or skincare but I do know what I like to put on my skin and I’ve learnt what my skin likes best. Also, I try to make as mindful decisions as possible every day (it’s not always easy but I’m trying anyway and that’s good enough!) and all of these companies mentioned below are companies who really LOVES what they’re doing and their products. Those stuff are important to me!

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. Worth mentioning though is that I’ve received most of the products as gifts from the brands mentioned to try their products. However these are products that I’d really recommend since I like them and they work for me.


Lernberger Stafsing

Haircare & skincare

When I first started using these products for my hair I was surprised about who I noticed difference after just one wash! Also, when getting in touch with these ones it was the first time ever I put effort in taking care of my scalp specifically, something which I learnt is very important for a happy and healthy hair. Besides haircare Lernberger Stafsing also offers natural skincare. All products are made in Sweden, are without any harmful ingredients and made from the founders Patrik and Mattias own recipes and thoughts on great haircare, collected after quite a few years in the industry!

Favourite products

SCALP SERUM makes wonders for the scalp. Use it 1-2 times daily, and also remembers to give my scalp a couple of minutes of massage each time.

SHAMPOO FOR SENSITIVE SCALPS is a great addition to the scalp serum. I try to spend a few extra seconds to give my scalp a quick massage when shampooing my hair with this one.

HAIR VITAMINS A combination of vitamins and minerals which nourishes the hair. It takes quite a few months before you’d notice any difference because that’s who it works it hair. After a couple of months using this one I experienced that my hair was stronger and happier. Always make sure to take these especially during winter as I tend to lose more hair during that period.

HAIR MAQUE - RECOND AND RESTORE Simple as that. A hair mask which gives the hair a whole lot of love. Really noticed the difference the first time I used this one! My hair was light, curls perfectly curly and no frizziness.

BB CREAM LEAVE-IN TREATMENT A leave in balm with I use every time after I’ve washed my hair. Leaves the hair softer, shiny and less frizzy. A must for my hair which naturally is a bit frizzy and dry rather then oily.

Read more about the products and how to use them here.


The Ordinary


The Ordinary offers a collection of skin treatments derived from clinical technologies, and the fact that they already exists (and have been used at a salons for quite some time) makes the prices very affordable. The range of products are huge and after several recommendations I found a few products that really fitted my needs.

Favourite products

Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. I sometimes find that I look tired around my eyes, and I’ve tried a few different eye formulas but this one is the only one I keep using. It feels cold and nice on the thing skin around the eyes and I notice how it’s minimizes the appearance of any dark circles and puffiness.

Granactive Retinoid 5% Started using this one after I experienced some widened pores in some areas of my face. Use it most evenings as a part of my evening routine and think I’ve noticed good results!

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution A 10-minute peeling mask (however I only tend to have it on for around 5 because it feels enough) that exfoliates the skin which is good if you have any impurities (which we all do from time to time). I’ve heard both good and not-so-good thoughts on acids on the skin, so I’m a bit careful when it comes to using it too often. Every now and then, when I feel my skin needs some treatment, works for me. Gives a brighter and clearer look to the skin.

Read more about the products and how to use them here


Bare origin

Skincare + haircare

Since the first day I got to try these natural oils from one of my favourite brands I’ve loved them, and since the first day I tried them I almost stopped used anything but cold pressed oils for my face! The oils are composed of 100% pure, cold pressed, organic or wild-harvested ingredients - which you also feel when using them as they smell natural, penetrates your skin easily and gives you a lovely glow. The method is as following: pump out a couple of drops of oil from 2 different oils in you palm (guess you could take 4 from one but I like to combine them as they focus on different things), add a couple of sprays of the Linden flower toner and “whisk” together using your finger, then massage in to your face! Voilá! If you feel that oil in your face 2 times a day is too much I’d recommend to use the oils only a time / day and then use a natural creme during your other routine (based on one morning routine and one evening routine).

Except from the face that this company have great products I also really like how they work; They source each ingredient directly from small family owned businesses or female cooperatives. Really nice and admirable, plus they’re 100 % transparent when it comes to their methods which I value very high.

Favorite products

LINDEN FLOWER TONER A must! Smells lovely, gives a nice fresh and bright feeling to the skin and also it makes the oils even lighter when mixing them together.

WILD ROSEHIP OIL The smell is lovely, plus I’ve heard from honestly sooo many people that my skin got an extra glow after using this one!

RASPBERRY SEEDS OIL Great smell, great feel, great glow!

HEMP SEED OIL This has become one of my faves too, because of the glow it gives my skin and because I like hemp seeds in general. However this has a quite special smell to it, so if you’re sensitive (or has someone in your family who are…I do) you might want to use this during your evening routine.

Read more about the products and how to use them here.




Previse is all about to previse and to be one step ahead your skin, and they have products for all skin types and genders. What Precise products you’re supposed to use depends on the melanin levels in your skin.

Previse offer both skincare for you face with easy 3-step-metohods (and lots more) but also have a range of skincare for your whole body. At their website (find a link below) you can find out what skin type you have and which one of the 3-step-methods that would fit your needs.

All products are made of ingredients from a sustainable perspective (as in no “trendy” ingredients which might cause problems at other ends"). Also, they have one range that is fragrance free which they’ve found is especially appreciated by pregnant woman and those who are allergic (worth mentioning though is that no synthetic perfume fragrances are used in any of the other products either, but only natural ones).

Favourite products

BODYMIST VITAMIN E BODY OIL As you might know by now I really like oils, and therefore this spray body oil works great for me! Penetrates the skin easily and moisturise the skin very well without any greasiness. Also this range from Previse is fragrance free!

HYDROFOAM HYALURONIC MOISTURIZER Hard word to pronounce but a super easy feel on the skin! This is a super light foam moisturizer which leaves your skin feeling refreshed and light. Also fragrance free!

EXFOLIATING MOUSSE Super soft peeling which I love to tenderly massage my face with. The peeling is made from algae extract and small grains of jojoba wax. What you can do is mix with with your cleanser a couple of times a week to get a nice and refreshing facial was + peeling in one!

Read more about the products and how to use them here.



Skincare & shaving

Before I learnt about Estrid I actually didn’t know most razorblades have gel on them made from animal products. Estrid is all vegan and the gel are made of aloe very and vitamin E. Leaves your with a nice, smooth and moisturised feeling - and very (!) important no skin irritation at all (even on intimate parts)! Also, it’s both easy to use since it fits very well in the hand and follow every movement PLUS it’s pretty to look at and to put up on your bathroom wall!

Another great thing is that you can set up a cartridge subscription and, depending on how often you shave / need new cartridges, get them sent home to you!

Favourite products

PEACH RAZOR HANDLE + SHOWER HOOK + TRAVEL CASE The essential trio in my favourite color!

Read more about the products and how to use them here.

Maria Åkerberg

Skincare + haircare

Swedish, organic skincare - made not far from where I live! This brand was one of the first natural brands I started using many years ago, and some of the products still hang with me even though I’ve tried quite a few others during the last years. Every part of a good skincare routine is well thought through at Maria Åkerberg and you can find both serums, oils, cremes och balms fitted for your skins needs.

Favourite products

PAPAYA PEELING A so called enzym peeling (don’t ask me what it means really...but it feels great and tender) made of papaya extract which get a lovely texture when massaged in to your face. Have been using this one for a long time!

FACE MASK BLACK I use this one from time to time when I feel that my skin really needs some balance (and rest) + I experience impurities in my face. It’s a good idea to use a brush to put it on for a more even layer in the face. Afterwards the skin really feels super smooth and bright! Activated charcoal is what makes it black and it draws dirt and other unwanted things to the surface of the skin which gives you a happy complexion.

FOAMING WASH My go to washing product. Have been using this for a long time and like everything with it. Comes in two different types, one for sensitive skin and one for all the others.

Read more about the products and how to use them here.

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