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Welcome to my website. On my blog I share my best healthy, plant based and delicious recipes, and thoughts on a healthy lifestyle. I hope to inspire you to explore the wonderful world of plant based food and all that comes with it. In my portfolio you can find some of my work as a freelance food stylist. Hope you have a nice stay!



Plant-based food guide to Gothenburg

Plant-based food guide to Gothenburg

Finally, my guide to favourite places to eat in my hometown Gothenburg. Gems with delicious plant-based food made by passionated people who really loves what they’re doing! From breakfast, brunch and lunch via picnic, drinks and tapas to dinners and ice creams. And a few favourite shops too. Hope you enjoy it!

This guide will be updated continuously, so make sure to take a look here every now and then! And don’t hesitate to send me your favourites in the city which you think I should really try!


To be honest, breakfast is something I often eat at home. A few of the places mentioned under “LUNCH” or “FIKA” in my guide offers breakfast too. Take a look at På Kanelen, Roots and Da Matteo below for a few breakfast spots. And don’t miss Happy M Kitchen (also mentioned below, under “LUNCH”) for weekend brunch.

Café Oizo

My favourite neighbourhood café! It feels like you’re stepping in to the living-room of someone dear when entering this little gem, great atmosphere, smell of freshly baked bread and filled with happy people. Oizo offers great home baked bread, sweet baked stuff, sourdough sandwiches, smoothies, coffee and tea, soups (during some hours) and snacks. Perfect place to stop by for breakfast or brunch after a weekend morning walk in the woods or around any of the nearby lakes Härlanda and Delsjön! The last Wednesday of every month they’re open for their popular “Oizo evenings” where they have a DJ playing and serves nature wines and craft beers. Visit the website for more info on dates.

Favourite on the menu: The soup of the day + a freshly baked slice of bread! Or the grilled sourdough sandwich + a smoothie.

Location: Munkebäcksgatan 30, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Thur 17 - 21. Fri - Sun 10 - 15.


Non-plant based options available: Yes

Lilla spinneriet

20 minutes outside Gothenburg by car you find this little gem (a short stroll from where I grew up!), well worth that little ride. In a beautiful location owners Katja and Patrik cook delicious and gorgeous food. They serve lunch, fika and Sunday brunch. Make sure to book in advance as the Sunday brunches tend to fill up. Also, let them know you’re plant-based when booking, quite a few of the things on the buffet are often plant-based anyway - but to make sure you. Except from serving food Lilla Spinneriet also have a small shop where you can buy hand made ceramics, house baked bread and other goodies. And while you’re on the neighbourhood - make sure not to miss all the curated shops in the building next door called Spinneriet for everything from art and interior to clothes and ceramics.. And take a stroll around the surrounding meadows. The perfect weekend adventure away from town!


Favourite on the menu: The Sunday brunch!

Location: Spinnmästarevägen 2, Lindome

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:30-15:00, Sat 12:00-16:00


Non-plant based options available: Yes


Jinx Food truck

Great street food with a taste of Asia - Jinx serves the most delicious tofu buns in the world! Panko fried slices of tofu with pickled cucumber, peanuts and lots of fresh cilantro on top. Get them straight from their iconic food truck and sit down at the courtyard. Also, don’t miss their new place near by, located at XXXX.


Favourite on the menu: Vegan (fried tofu) buns

Location: Magasinsgatan 17, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11 - 15. Sat 12 - 15.30. Sun Closed.


Non-plant based options available: Yes

FOREN food & bakery

A newcomer to the Gothenburg plant-based food scene - with lots of flavours from The middle east! Best described as really delicious and classic Levant street food with a modern twist! They have a range of salad bases - which together becomes a fantastic hearty salad filled with lots of flavour which comes with 1-2 different types of hummus / spreads. Also they serve traditional Levant flatbreads, baked in the open fire wood oven, called “Mana’ish” (similar to pizzas but with middle eastern toppings). The salad “bases” (they’re really a bit more then just a base!) and dips / sauces / types of hummus vary from day to day, even though there seem to be a few returning favourites - lucky us!


Favourite on the menu: The big salad! A fave combo: Fekkeh with roasted cauliflower and chickpeas, saffron rice, bean and lentil salad. Served with hummus and muhammara

Location: Södra Allégatan 14, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.30-16. Sat-Sun Closed


Non-plant based options available: Yes


The best salad bar in town! Innovativ and hearty salads with lots of flavours, textures and colors, and the dips / spreads and dressings which comes with the salads makes them something extra. Have your salad at the small yet trendy location, or during summer time it’s nice to have your salad to go and sit down by the canal around the corner. Open until 6 pm so why not pass by in the afternoon to bring a salad for dinner outside or att home! Also, important note is that the same owners run a popular cafe, called Roots, at the Gothenburg main library (Göteborgs stadsbibliotek) offering everything from breakfast to lunch and fika including a few raw / vegan options!


Favourite on the menu: The kelp noodle salad with crispy veggies, pickled red cabbage, avocado, broccoli and a delicious peanut sauce (order with tofu for a more filling dish) AND the falafel salad with muhammara and a tahini dressing!

Location: Drottninggatan 52, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon- Fri 11 am - 18 pm. Sat 11 am - 16 pm. Sun Closed.


Non-plant based options available: Yes, fish and chicken

En deli Haga

Located on the beautiful street Haga Nygata, a beautiful and old part of town. Middle eastern food without any fuss. Order the tasting plate where you get to try a bit of everything, or choose a few of your favourites. Lunch always comes with the soup of the day.


Favourite on the menu: The take-4-things-menu, ratatouille and the other warm dishes are really nice. 

Location: Haga Nygata 15, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-19.00. Sat 09.00-17.30. Sun 10.00-17.30


Non-plant based options available: Yes, lactovegetarian

Nordish kitchen

Really a favourite of mine - hearty food made with lots of different textures and flavours and an aim to use as much locally grown produce as possible! Menu vary according to seasons and are also depending on what the farmers they work with can offer at the moment - that is really a way to take sustainability seriously. Also, they have a ”No waste-dish” on their menu, made of flawless food waste from the grocery stores and farms they collaborate with. Nordish food is exclusively available for office deliveries (read more below).


Favourite on the meny: ”Earthy beetballs” – Beet patties with a salad of seasonal veggies!

Location: Only deliver food from their own digital foodcourt Nordish Market. Order lunch for more then 500 SEK and have it delivered (they come riding on their electric bike) for free to your office. Visit their website for more info. 

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8 - 15


Non-plant based options available: Yes

Happy M Kitchen

A favourite lunch., brunch AND dinner spot. Also a great place for fika. Here you find whole food made by people with lots of knowledge about macrobiotic food, food combining and how to build delicious and pretty plant based meals! Also they have food classes every now and then, check out the website for more info. During summer time bring your food to the nearby Vasaparken and have a picnic.


Favourite on the menu: The falafel salad, with extra pea tempeh on the side and the hummus of the day. The Raw cinnamon roll is great for fika, together with any of the cold pressed juices.

Location: Vasagatan 24 + a new location at the Gothenburg Central station, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Open for lunch Mon-Fri 11 - 16. Visit website go get dates and times for the brunch and other events.


Non-plant based options available: Yes, pescatarian

Planet vega food

Plant based street food! These people are serving yummy and sustainable bowls and burgers with lots of different textures and flavours from their container at Kungstorget. Also offers catering.

Favourite on the menu: The bowls, which vary with the season and from week to week.

Location: Kungstorget, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Tue - Sat 11.30 - 15.30 (catering open all year around)


Non-plant based options available: No



Modern asian - and quite experimental - food. Enjoy the kitchens takes and twists on classic asian dishes, served as primarily smaller dishes so you can try quite a few things from the menu! Order for the whole table and enjoy the food which will arrive at the table continuously throughout your stay. Quite a few plant based options available on the menu. Also known for their drinks. Sit inside and enjoy the award-winning interior, or outside during summer months and enjoy the view over Avenyn.

Favourite on the menu: Menu changes continously. However Edamame beans TOSO style is a standing favourite!

Location: Götaplatsen, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Sund 17-late. Sat open at 13 - late.


Non-plant based options available: Yes


Japan meets the Nordic. Flavours and techniques from different parts of the worlds meets and result in creative dishes with lots of finess and surprises yet unpretentious food. Always quite a few plant based dishes on the menu. Choose dishes from the a la carte menu or try the tasting menu.

Favourite on the menu: Menu changes continuously. Ask the kitchen when making your reservation if you want a plant based tasting menu.

Location: Drottningtorget 10, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Tue-Thur 18-22. Fri-Sat 17.30-22.30. Sun-Mon Closed


Non-plant based options available: Yes

Brewers Beer bar

Plant based sourdough pizzas! Do we need to say more? Also serve a range of beers, from small microbreweries for ones who are in to beer!

Favourite on the menu: The sweet potato pizza!

Location: Tredje Långgatan 10 + Magasinsgatan 3, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 16 - late. Sat-Sun 13 - late.


Non-plant based options available: Yes


Genuine and small place focusing on craft beer / wine / cider + authentic Basque food, aka pinxtos. The long bar is always filled with beautifully looking small bites and happy people! Go here for after work or pre dinner and have couple Pinxtos like you would in the Basque Country!

Favourite on the menu: The pinxtos available vary from day to day, but the chef happily makes sure there are always plant-based ones close to hand!

Location: Magasinsgatan 3, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Tue-Thurs 17 - 00. Fri 16 - 02. Sat 14 - 02. Sun-Mon Closed.


Non-plant based options available: Yes


Authentic place at a lively street in hipp quarters called Majorna, which brings you back to any Spanish tapas restaurant you might have been to. Order a, the dishes comes The dishes on the menu aren’t plant-based at start but the kitchen will happily serve most of the vegetarian dishes as plant-based if you ask them!


Favourite on the menu: Menu changes daily. Roasted artichokes with smoked apple and toasted buckwheat, baked beets with cress and leek ash, green gazpacho, also some grilled padrones can NEVER be wrong!

Location: Mariagatan 17, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 17 - late.


Non-plant based options available: Yes


På kanelen

A got-to place for yummy fika, smoothie bowls, poké bowls, wraps, sandwiches and juices. Located in the beautiful Stora saluhallen (Gothenburg main Food Hall).

Favourite on the menu: Any of the chocolaty raw treats!

Location: Kungstorget 15-18, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9 - 16. Sat 9 - 16. Sun Closed.


Non-plant based options available: Yes


Iconic Gothenburg bakery and coffee roasters, offering great artisan bread, coffee and sweet baked goods! They also have a shop where you can get bread, sweet treats, coffee, lunch on the go and flower sprinkles + more things!


Favourite on the menu: The unsweetened rye bread with coffee + the vegan chocolate cake. And the flower sprinkles I have on pretty much all my food!

Location: Drottninggatan 58 + Vallgatan 5 + Vallgatan 19 (the shop)

Opening hours: Visit website to see opening hours for the specific location.


Non-plant based options available: Yes


Fram Ekolivs Haga

An organic Co-op store where you find pretty much anything you’d want. Fresh fruits and vegetables, all types of cereals and legumes which you buy by the kilo, nut butters, ice creams, chocolates, tea and much more! Well worth a visit, even if only to get some nuts and stuff for snacks! 

Favourite in the store: Viviani 99% chocolate, and the other vegan chocolate sweets. Plus the bulk range of seeds, nuts and dried fruits. And, the gluten free sourdough bread XXX baked at an island outside of Gothenburg! Plus the range of tempeh - especially the one called Berta, made of Swedish yellow peas!

Location: Södra Allégatan 2 + Nordenskiöldsgatan 18 , Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9 - 18.30. Sat 10-15. Sun Closed.


Non-plant based options available: Yes

Bara bra mat

Another favourite organic food store with LOTS of awesome things - pretty much all you need!

Favourite in the store: Range of bulk nuts / seeds / legumes / cereals.

Location: Norra Gubberogatan 10 + Kungsladugårdsgatan 26, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10 - 19. Sat 10 - 15. Sunday Closed.


Non-plant based options available: Yes

Happy vegan

All vegan food store with pretty much all vegan stuff you could think of. And if you cannot find it - ask the staff and they might broaden the range! You can also order online in their webbshop.

Favourite in the store: The raw food ice cream

Location: Olivedalsgatan 2, Gothenburg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10 - 20. Sat-Sun 10 - 18.


Non-plant based options available: No

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