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Thess self love challenge

Thess self love challenge

Self love. 

For me, self love is about appreciating, accepting and letting go. About listening to my body and improving my inner voice. About learning what makes me feel real good, and about learning how to notice - and deal with - unwelcome feelings. And it's about showing yourself respect and give yourself the best conditions to feel well.

As many of you appreciate when I write not only about food and health but also about mindful health I thought it would be fun to dive in to this subject together. To feel better and to become better friends with ourselves. That is why I’m now announcing a challenge to make it easier for you to start exploring the relationship with yourself! 

It's nothing complicated, it's really just a reminder to reflect over a few things - and a way of thinking - that I hope will help you to feel more at ease. Before we start: note that I'm not a doctor nor don't have any scientific proof for the things I present below, but this is something that have really helped me a lot.


This is how we’ll do it:

  • Each day I’ll post a question (called Thess question) on Instagram stories to help you reflect on the subject self love, what it means to you and how you show yourself some love. 


  • Allow about 15 minutes before going to bed each night, to reflect over the past day. What did you appreciate? What feelings have been with you today, and why? What are you looking forward tomorrow? And, if you want, answer todays Thess question.

What you’ll need:

A nice notebook + a pen + yourself + some time alone with your thoughts and emotions. 


A few tips for the next 10 days (and the days following of course):

* Treat yourself the same way you would treat your closest friends and family members. Simple tips which goes a long way.

* Start each day by first asking yourself how you feel, instead of scrolling through a bunch of feeds on your phone. Preferably let your phone be on flight mode until after breakfast.

* Give yourself TIME, no rushing, especially in the mornings. Time to meditate, lit a candle, drink a cup of tea, write in your journal or something that makes you calm. Preferably find a routine to start each day that feels good and stick to it.

* Allow yourself to reflecting on yourself and your own life. Allow yourself to prioritise you more often.  

* Do things that make you feel good. It can be reading, running, cooking, playing basket ball, dancing, watching movies etc - as often as possible! 


Notice and reflect - an exercise to make you more conscious

Remember that some things that will happen or being said by others you cannot control - but you can control your responses and reactions. Try to notice what tends to give you a feeling of dissatisfaction/anxiety/doubt, that will make it easier for you to deal with those things.


Hope to see you on Instagram stories for the next 10 days, if you want you can send me a message letting me know you're in - would be fun! And ask away if you have any questions!

Love, Thess


Photo by Fanny Hansson

From illness to wellness, in the costume of fitness

From illness to wellness, in the costume of fitness